Ministry of Testing - Sheffield (ShefTest): An introduction to WireMock

After the last 2 sessions we thought it was time to jump back in with something more technical! This month, our very own Peter Mill has volunteered to talk about service virtualisation covering the why and the how as well walking us through his tool of choice; WireMock. This will be an interactive session so anyone wishing to follow along at home will need to download and install the following before the session:

1. WireMock ( This needs to be running in standalone mode It relies on Java so you will need to install either the Java 7 JRE or Java 8 JRE. Instructions on how to do this can be found here:

2. Postman ( so you can make API requests. If you are not familiar with Postman, any other client that can make HTTP requests will work (Curl, wget, SoapUI etc).

UPDATE: There will also be an opportunity to put any questions to WireMock's creator, Tom Akehurst.

If you hit any problems before the session, feel free to reach out and we'll help you get setup :).

Fun starts on Wednesday July 8th at 7pm.

I'll add the Zoom meeting link closer to the date.


Big thanks to our sponsors - Tech Parks who would ordinarily be letting us use their wonderful meeting space. And Ministry of Testing for just existing and being awesome! |

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