SERAS Environment Making Challenge

Try your hand at making and IoT for environmental solutions - in this series of online workshops from The University of Sheffield. One hour a day, with a range of excellent speakers.

Participants will get the chance to learn all about creative problem solving and get an introduction to the ideas behind the Internet of Things. The events are free and open to all, whether you’re a complete beginner, tech savvy or tech shy. There’s lots to learn and prizes to win.

We’ll introduce you to affordable digital technologies that can help you solve problems. Learn how to use micro:bits and arduinos to solve problems in your environment - or just use what’s at hand around you to make a difference.

To win a prize, use what you’ve learnt to show how you’d use the Internet of Things as an innovative solution to an environmental problem.

There’ll be 20 free Making kits to win for the best entries and everyone gets a fabulous digital badge from the Institute of Coding.

There’ll also be plenty of advice and links to further resources to help you along your way in solving problems around you.

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