Sheffield IoT Meetup #5 - IoT for Connected Care

Announcing the next in our series of IoT MeetUps.

Sheffield IoT Meetup #5 - "IoT for Connected Care" (online)

Our health and social care sectors are facing enormous challenges at the present time with Covid-19. This is against a backdrop of ongoing efforts to increase the rate of technology adoption, whilst ensuring patient safety and data security. The next Sheffield IoT meetup focuses on what can be done to effect change, through embracing collaboration, innovation and of course IoT! Our speakers represent the perspectives of a large corporate, a tech startup, an IoT provider and both Sheffield universities.

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Code of Conduct:
As always, we will follow Sheffield Digital’s code of conduct for meetups -

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Sheffield IoT Meetup is for those interested in the Internet of Things - everyone is welcome!

Our aims are to:

- Create a vibrant group around IoT and cybersecurity that enables individuals and organisations to share their capability and stimulate discussion and collaboration (sales-type pitches are discouraged).
- Enable real-world IoT applications, through facilitating technology research/development and commercial progress.
- Help position Sheffield as a leading IoT centre and lay the groundwork for larger events/activities that reinforce this reputation.

The meetup is led by:
Ioetec: A Sheffield based IoT start-up working to improve cyber security for IoT devices

With sponsorship from:
Pitch-In: A collaborative project, led by the University of Sheffield, connecting capabilites to support IoT adoption

Additional supporters include:
Things Network Sheffield, SmartSheffield, IoT Security Foundation