The Future of Work in Scotland: Context of the Social Age - Julian Stodd

Julian Stodd is a writer, artist, researcher, and consultant whose work explores the context of the Social Age. He has a deep interest in how things work: systems, societies, and structures, both technical and human.

He has published 14 books, including ‘The Social Leadership Handbook’, ‘The Community Builder Guidebook’, and ‘To the Moon and Back: Leadership Reflections from Apollo’, which are diverse in content, but unified in the ways that they explore the intersection of formal and social systems.

The session is 90 minutes, facilitated by TFoW team: JS will pull together a short deck for e.g. a 15 min presentation, then use the bulk of time for questions and conversation.

Title: Context of the Social Age

A high level view of the Social Age, alongside a perspective on how we must evolve our Organisations to thrive in this time.

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