The London Java Community: LJC Virtual Lunchtime Lightning Talks

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We're back with our 3rd LJC Lunchtime Lightning Talks session.

This is going to be run in a similarly informal style to an unconference, in that the right talks will be done by the people that are there. Here are some of the speakers so far, we'll continue to update this page as more talks are announced:

Karsten Silz - Google Jib: Smaller & Faster Docker Images for Java Applications

César Tron-Lozai - Blazing fast Fibonacci with Kotlin and Arrow

Lakshmi Rao - Productionizing Machine Learning Pipelines for online prediction

Rossano D'Angelo - Deploy a webapp in minutes with Firebase

Ilan Pillemer - Web Assembly, Run compiled code in the Browser? What?! Join me as I walk through the experience so far

Chris Melikian - GraphQL: an intro and why it was crucial for our project

Zameer Hassam - Faster Hash Tables: Linear Probing - What is it? Why do a lot of high performance collections libraries use it? In what circumstances should I use it?

We will aim to have 4-5 lightning talks followed by a session in the breakout rooms. You can tune in and tune out as you wish. The talks can be on anything you’re interested in.

We will keep it very light (pardon the pun) and hopefully it will be a bit of fun before the weekend to enjoy over your lunch hour.

As we’ve often talked about, lightning talks are a great opportunity to try, test or hone your speaking and presentation skills. They are usually under 7 minutes, with 2 minutes of Q+A.

This is an online event starting at 12.30pm BST. Attendees will be sent a link on or before the day of the event.

This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London Java Community.

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