The London Java Community: LJC Virtual Meetup: Beyond Acceptance Testing: Domain-Driven Tests

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About the event

We needed to validate our use cases with tests:

That specify the user intents, not the technical details

That are human-readable (but without regex tricks)

That run both end-to-end to verify our infrastructure

And using the domain only to verify our hexagonal architecture

This talk is about how we solved these problems with the DDT approach and how you can apply this technique on your own backend application. A demonstration with live coding will show how to write them and use
it to drive the development.

Who should attend this event?

People interested in clean coding and acceptance testing. The presentation is quite technical but the ideas can be useful not only to developers.

What will people learn?

This talk will teach you a new approach to test your system that can be immediately useful, especially if you are aiming for continuous delivery. The main focus of the talk will be on the idea of Domain Driven Test, where we write an abstract test using Actors on a Stage that will run across multiple implementations. This allows us to use the same tests for both the end-to-end validation and the modelling of our business logic.

This is an online event starting at 7 pm BST. Attendees will be sent a link on or before the day of the event.

This event is organised by RecWorks on behalf of the London Java Community.

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