The London Java Community: Joint Virtual Meetup with the London CTOs: Rethinking Cloud Migrations

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Join our friends at the London CTOs for their upcoming talk on Rethinking Cloud Migrations with Omar Bashir.

Benefits of migrating a firm’s technology estate to the cloud are well known. These include cost reduction, operational efficiency, scalability and technological agility leading to shorter time to market and higher operating margins. But these benefits are only realised once such migrations also involve transformation in the way technology is developed and delivered.

Decisions ranging from product management to engineering and operations affect the outcome of these initiatives. An outcome driven approach to cloud migration and transformation minimises associated risks.

This talk discusses how deviating from such an approach leads to failed cloud migrations.

Speaker - Omar Bashir - Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks -

This is an online event starting at 7pm BST. Attendees will be sent a link on or before the day of the event.

This is a London CTOs organised by RecWorks in partnership with CTO Craft.

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