SmartSheffield #16

The next SmartSheffield meetup focuses on the Future of Food!

With the gobal climate and trade shifting, and urban populations increasing steadily, how is technology improving the resilience, sustainability, reliability and nutritional value of our food supply? These are the questions we're aiming to address at the next SmartSheffield meetuip - the informal gathering for people interested in how new technoligies are shaping cities around the world, and our home city of Sheffield in particular.

At each event we run there are 4 ten minute speaking slots (although they don't have to be talks, but can be conversations, workshops exercises, or provovcations for debate - we're open to all ideas), followed by a SmartSheffield news update, and then food, drink and plenty of time to meet people and chat.

Note that there will also be a meeting of the Things Network Sheffield at 5pm before the meetup itself, which starts at 6:30pm. The Things Network is a low cost, community built Internet of Things network - a platform for developing sensing and other city-scale applications.

Code of Conduct:
We employ Sheffield Digital's Code of Conduct and abide by the standards it lays down.

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