Agile Sheffield: The Real Language of Successful Agile Leaders

Imagine you’re my age or older (I bought the first Now That’s What You Call Music album on cassette from Boots when I was 12).

Now imagine that you’ve worked your way up to a position where you’re a manager, senior manager or even one of the elite, newly coined C-suit. You’ve heard of agile, maybe some teams are being agile, maybe you’ve been told that you and your teams need to be agile.

You’ve probably heard people about talking about agile:
Scrum - rugby?
Scrum master - someone really good at rugby?
Sprint - running very fast over a short distance?
Kanban - ?????

The language of agile practice is confusing. So you need to master a new vocabulary - fair enough, that's the easy bit

The tricky bit is mastering the real language of successful agile leaders, which comes from understanding what it means to be agile.

It goes deep into behaving and speaking in a way that promotes and influences a positive agile working culture.

But this talk is for everyone, not just leaders. Individuals and teams need to understand the language of leaders too - miscommunication is often worse than no communication.

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