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  • At this event, participants are invited to share Lean Agile theories and practices as they relate to software development for large-scale businesses or startups.

    We intend each event to follow the same structure:

    - Quick introductions to the event and the people in the room (~15 mins)

    - One or two short talks or workshops (~30 to 60 minutes): Lean, Kanban, Scrum, and other related topics, even Waterfall.

    This time we are going to be talking briefly (30 minutes) about what Impact Mapping is and how can be used in your organisation, by looking at a few examples of use.

    - Networking and discussions (~30 minutes to an hour): A structured meeting with no agenda where the participants decide what to discuss using the lean coffee format

    The event is open to people with all levels of experience in Lean Agile; if you want to share your knowledge via a talk or workshop, please get in touch.

    Please register to the event to allow us order the right amount of food and beverages...