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  • Understanding the insider threat, from a lawyer’s perspective – the next event in our series of cyber security updates.

    It shouldn’t be news to you that employee’s, colleagues and users of IT systems pose a particular security threat to your company.

    Do you have effective policies in place that protect confidential information/IP?
    Do your staff know about these policies and are they aware of the significance of them?
    What are the legal consequences of misusing confidential information?
    Can you or should you monitor employee use and removal of sensitive documents?
    Join Neeraj Thomas, Senior Associate and Colin Hulme, Partner of Burness Paull LLP to discover more about how the insider threat is one that organisations often fail to fully protect themselves from and discuss ways in which you can mitigate the impact should it become your reality.

    You’ll learn more about the legal avenues for recourse, prevention steps that should be taken to ensure you are covered...