League of Entrepreneurs

The League of Entrepreneurs (LoE) is a virtual, global network of technology entrepreneurs that shares and communicates on the Slack platform. We believe in data, metrics, lean methodologies, and scientific, disciplined approach to building new global technology ventures rapidly. Amongst other offerings, we host monthly "Ask Me Anything" sessions with Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and venture capitalists on our Slack channel. We also are building local chapters for face-to-face intervention. Our local chapter in Edinburgh was born from CofoundersLab Scotland, founded and organized by Michael Clouser and James Schoemark. We continue same themes as envisioned by CoFoundersLab for its once-international network of local chapters, including creating a positive, motivating environment where entrepreneurs can find cofounders, in the midst of interactive meetings where entrepreneurs are encouraged to "get up and pitch" and tell us about what they are looking for not only in terms of cofounders, but also in terms of mentors, advisors, investors, and interns. We used a combination of straight presentations and Fireside Chats to engage with our guest entrepreneurs, which have included Rob Jones (formerly of Fanduel), Mike Ramsay (founder of Tivo and Silicon Valley venture capitalist with NEA), and local serial and social impact entrepreneur, Daniel Winterstein. We hold monthly meetings in Edinburgh, and are strong supporters of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW), hosting and supporting numerous events in Edinburgh and Glasgow during the month of November. We also throw the annual Startups Christmas party for startup professionals, friends and family in Edinburgh, and invite those from all over Scotland to attend. We are currently growing our global network virtually, as well as seeking partners for local chapters around the world.

  • Come along for an exciting, dynamic and inspiring entrepreneurial event with an exclusive Fireside Chat with an experienced Investor and Entrepreneur (tbc) in the Wash Bar at 6:30pm on Wednesday 23rd January 2019.

    Hangout with like-minded Entrepreneurs and Startup Founders from around the world and meet people to help build your startup or even find a startup to join as a CoFounder, Investor, Mentor, Adviser or Intern.

    - Share startup war stories
    - Gain information on funding opportunities
    - Discover ways to increase your chances of success

    You will also have an opportunity to tell the group what your idea is and ask for help in finding cofounders, funding or support.

    18:30 Check-In

    19:00 Fireside chat and discussion with guest speaker

    19:30 'Get up and Pitch' and Ask for CoFounders, Advice or Funding

    20:00 Meetup Melee (talk to potential cofounders, people you can help)

    21:30 End of Meetup


  • Want to ask one of the world's leading Podcast Entrepreneurs a question?

    During this LIVE online Ask Me Anything event you will have the opportunity to ask Colin Gray, Founder at The Podcast Host your startup/podcasting questions, or you can simply observe the community’s questions and answers.

    Colin Gray is a podcaster, speaker and founder, and is a PhD in digital education. He and his team at The Podcast Host run a network of podcasts on everything from mountain biking to space exploration, and they teach how it’s done to over 9,000 Podcasters via their content at ThePodcastHost.com and the Academy within.

    For those that want to make Podcasting easy and grow their show fast, they have the tool for the job in Alitu.com, their Podcast Maker app.

    How AMA's work
    - All AMA’s are done by Text based conversations on Slack (very similar to Reddit)

    - Guests will receive questions before and during the live AMA

    - The guest can choose to answer which q...