Sheffield JS

  • This month we're having a practical session, so please bring a laptop if you can. We'll split up into groups and work on one or more programming challenges selected by the organisers from

    This is a non-competitive, collaborative (and hopefully fun) event where you can both help and learn from your peers - even if it's just "how did you just do that in vim?!".

  • This month, Chris Kemp (@chriskemp3000) from NottsJS will be teaching us some React!

    "React may be something that you’re interested in learning, but looking at your first react app, even a simple one, can be confusing as there’s a lot of magic involved. There’s Linting, EcmaScript, JSX, Babel, Webpack, Redux, Yeoman, NPM and finally React. Rather than having to start from he outside and dig inwards through this, this session will focus on the core concepts and then move outwards to explain some of the things that support it. You’re then invited to contribute to an Open Source project to help build a website and be able to say that you’ve written a real-world site."