Cryptonoise Aberdeen

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  • Join us Thursday 28 February in Aberdeen when we'll hear from ORG’s executive director Jim Killock about the current state of digital censorship in the UK . We'll consider findings in ORG's new report on UK Internet regulation which reviews both formal and informal pracitices of digital censorship in the UK.

    When it comes to web blocking, the same rules do not apply online as offline. Many powers and practices the government employs to remove online content would be deemed unacceptable if they were applied to offline publications.

    We'll cover the following:
    Formal censorship practices

    * Copyright blocking injunctions
    * BBFC pornography blocking
    * BBFC requests to “Ancillary Service Providers”

    Informal censorship practices

    * Nominet domain suspensions
    * The Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit (CTIRU)
    * The Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
    * ISP content filtering

    There will...