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Many people will be used to seeing or using a Kanban board however Kanban is more than a board. The intention for this meetup is to introduce you to both visual management and to the power of limiting work in progress. If there is time, we can also look at some of the metrics available and also some of the Kanban practices and principles.
This session is highly interactive and collaborative, whilst also being conducted fully remote using the latest version of Featureban online.

Featureban is a simple, fun, and now also online, Kanban simulation game. Since its creation in 2014 it has been used by trainers and coaches in Lean, Agile and Kanban-related events the world over.
The game starts simple with visual management (iteration 1); after that we layer on things like WIP limits and metrics.

NOTE: the online tool we'll be using works better on a desktop or tablet. It's recommended that you avoid using a mobile phone to use the tool.

Your facilitators for this session are:
Richard Cornelius
Kylie Yearsley
Gary Fleming
Sabrina Bruce

Featureban was created by Mike Burrows, a leading Kanban author, and the online version was developed by kaiten.io.

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