Lean Agile Glasgow

This month we have a couple of short talks and will have some discussion afterwards.

Lucy Burns
Kanban in the kitchen
Have you ever been overwhelmed with your domestic to-do list? Are your children a study in chaos? Come and learn how you can use domestic kanban to change your life forever. Remember - kanban is for life, not just for software.

Hilary Brownlie
Design Thinking - good enough?
Design thinking; you have probably tried it, do it or know someone who does.
It has its origins in the 1960’s and had a resurgence in the 00’s. It has become a commodity, with many models and methodologies to choose from. How can we make design thinking EVEN better? With some small tweaks…

Thanks to Ofgem for hosting us!

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Monthly meetup group which uses lean coffee meeting format to discuss all things Lean Agile.