Edinburgh Kotlin User Group: EdiKUG - Property Based Testing in Kotlin, A tale of two libraries

The speaker for Edinburgh Kotlin User Group meetup #4 will be Ken Barclay with "Property Based Testing in Kotlin, A tale of two libraries" presenting two Kotlin libraries Ken has developed.
The principal library is a property based testing library. It is backed by a library of immutable, persistent data types.

The presentation will describe some of the Kotlin language features used in the development of the libraries and include a number of runnable property based tests.

We also have Tim Hards with a lightning talk: “Art in Kotlin”

Come along to the Edinburgh Kotlin User Group. Refreshments and food (probably pizza with GF/V option for now) provided.

Like previous meetings this will consist of one speaker preceded and followed by some networking over some food and refreshments. If you would like to do a lightning talk, please bring along whatever you need. Big screen provided if necessary. Please also let us know any monitor connection types required.

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