Open Source Glasgow: Setting up a web server from scratch

Informal and relaxed meeting in the quiet lounge of Avalon bar on Kent Road. You'll need a laptop to take part (but feel free to just observe if you'd prefer).

We'll show you how to get up and running with a basic web server (Amazon EC2, Ubuntu Linux, Apache, MySQL) and how to securely connect to it.

The plan is to run something like this every month to get people up and running with basic web development and system admin.

Whatever your level - you are very welcome to come along. We'll find some time to answer questions and if you are able to help newcomers with any issues they might have, all the better!

Code of Conduct:
Be nice.

to (Europe/London time)

Open Source Glasgow, a group dedicated to encouraging the use of open source software and technology in Glasgow. We hold regular informal classes on how to set up a basic web server and basic linux command line use.

We'll meet in the lounge to the right as you come in. It's a quiet separate area we have to ourselves all evening. Look out for all the laptops.