IT Security Kassel / Nordhessen Meetup: Metasploit Workshop


Set to 10AM so that everybody who is able to can come a little earlier and get set up nicely so we can really start at 12. I would like to have everyone setup and ready until 12! :)

If your english is not perfect dont worry!
We will have enough time and skilled people around to translate to german and give 1:1 german help!!!

Kein Englisch? Kein Problem!
Es wird genug Zeit für individuelle deutsche Betreuung sein!

Requirements for Workshop:

- Notebook
- Native Kali installation or VMware or Virtual box
- if you dont have kali running we will install it together in the beginning
- Cable Network / USB2LAN if necessary
- Maybe i will provide a wifi bridge to the lab bit plan for cable
- Network cable

- Fun!
- Snacks for the group are appreciated :)

to (Europe/Berlin time)
to (Europe/London time)

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