Open Source Glasgow: Scuttlebutt Talk and Onboarding Party

Join us for a short talk by one of our members, Gordon Martin, on Scuttlebutt ( followed by an “onboarding session” - a workshop that'll help you get setup and using Scuttlebutt with a fun, themed scenario to demo it's features and show how things work in practice.

We'll role play 'social networking during the zombie apocalypse with petrol generators and Wi-Fi' :)

Code of Conduct:
Be nice.

to (Europe/London time)

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Open Source Glasgow, a group dedicated to encouraging the use of open source software and technology in Glasgow. We hold regular informal classes on how to set up a basic web server and basic linux command line use.

We'll meet in the lounge to the right as you come in. It's a quiet separate area we have to ourselves all evening. Look out for all the laptops.