IT Security Kassel / Nordhessen Meetup: Security Meetup 0x2D (Nr 45)

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Vorträge / Talks:

1. Configuring Static Analysis Tools - (Goran Piskachev - ,
Talk in English

Static analysis tools are more often used for security checks on code level. In some companies they are integrated in the build pipeline and are part of the official reviews. Additionally, these tools are used within the integrated development environment as part of the development workflow. Even though research shows that new technologies in static code analysis are very precise, the problem for software developers of having high number of false warnings remains. Hence, this has an impact on the usability of those tools. In this talk we will discuss some reasons for this of which the main focus will be on the configuration of the tools. This will cover two aspects. First one is the correct choice of so called security-relevant methods, such as sources, sinks, and sanitizers. Here we will see how we can automate the detection of these methods from the codebase. The second aspect are the rules for the analyses which can be configured via domain specific languages. We will give an overview of such languages.

2. Password Cracking (Max)
- Password Leaks live durchsuchen - finde dein Klartext Passwort!
- Password Cracking - wie unsicher ist dein Windows Passwort?
- Abwehrmaßnahmen - einfache Schritte für mehr Passwort Sicherheit im Alltag

3. tbd

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Gewünschte Themen für weitere Veranstaltungen:

- BurpSuite
- WS-Security
- Rest Security OWASP / Rest API

- Bug Bounty Hunting
- Bug Bounty Programm für OSS

- Social Engineering - Ad Targeting
- Elliptic Curve Crypto Basics

- Reverse Engineering Radare
- Ida Pro Workflow

- DFF Digital Forensics Framework

- Metasploit
- Live-Hacking HTB
- Kaputtes WLAN / KRACK

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