TechMeetup Scotland: Edinburgh TechMeetup September 2019 - Weaknesses in Software Supply Chains

TechMeetup Edinburgh runs on the second Wednesday of every month from 18.30 until 21.00 at CodeBase. Each month there are talks from speakers, opportunities to share knowledge and ideas, and a chance to socialise and catch up with your local tech community.

In September we have:

Sean Wright - “Weaknesses in Software Supply Chains”

Many thanks to CodeBase for their generous hosting, and to our sponsors: SkyScanner, Cultivate and Informatics Ventures.

There will be beer, soft drinks, pizza and a chance to chat before and after the talk.

We are always on the lookout for speakers, please message the organisers if you have a tech talk you think might interest folk. Or email Justin Matters via Googles .com email solution, no spaces. (Sadly Meetup in their corporate evil block email addresses in meetup details to try to drive engagement so you will need to work out my email address from the clues)

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