C++ Edinburgh

Come along to C++ Edinburgh to see some great talks and to chat and network with local C++ developers. This time, three of our trusty co-organisers will be bestowing these festive gifts upon us:

• Live Cross-Platform Compiler Development — Sy Brand
• Proposals vs Promises: Understanding the C++ Committee — Christopher Di Bella and Gordon Brown

Pizza and drinks will be provided provided! There will be directions to the meeting room at reception.

As with all of our events, C++ Edinburgh aims to be a positive and friendly environment for everyone. Please check out our Code of Conduct (cppedinburgh.uk) and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us here, on Twitter (twitter.com), or at cppedinburgh@gmail.com. We are also happy to provide contact details if you would like to message us when you arrive at the event.

Follow us on Twitter (twitter.com) or join our mailing list (groups.google.com), and don't forget to let your friends and colleagues know about the event.

Thanks to our sponsors, Codeplay and Canon Medical.

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C++ Edinburgh is a meet-up for C++ developers in Edinburgh, Scotland. Join local C++ developers for great talks and some socialising and networking. Everybody's welcome, whether you've never touched a C++ compiler before or you're a metaprogramming genius. If you're interested, please come along to C++ Edinburgh!