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Calum Shepherd: @calumshepherd
Avoiding ’banana skins’
Using some simple methods, it's possible to avoid those painful moments where everyone is on the same page - until they're not. Avoiding 'banana skins' is a short talk to help with creating clear direction for, and alignment across, your digital products.

Calum is a Strategist and Product manager and has been inspiring me for years.

Martin Bate: @MR10BB
Agile, punk, community and rebellion.
After Lean Agile Scotland 2017 Mike Hill tweeted, “The agile movement is skilled at rebellion and community”. It was at that moment I realised why I felt at home here.

As someone who played music in the Do-It-Yourself Punk scene of the 1990’s I could see many of the same structures, behaviours and philosophies mirrored in our Agile community. The question in common is, “how do we create something, ethically, with the minimum amount of waste?”

So, if the approaches and human behaviours of a collective that spanned continents can be seen mirrored in our community today, are there more cautionary lessons to be learned from what happened next?

Martin is a candid scrum master who was crazy enough to give me a job once. Then he quit 2 weeks later....

Brendan Forbes: @BrendanForbes7
Army to agile.
Background, organisational structures, transferable skills, and planning tools. How one Platoon Sergeant used his combat skills to navigate organization agility.

Brendan's story is really amazing. He won me over in an interview drawing his parallels between the army and agility. I'm really looking forward to this talk.

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