July @ Lean Agile Glasgow

This month we hear from Peter Aitken, founder of Global Diversity CFP day with his session 'Deliberate, Directed, Positive ACTION!'

Following Peter's talk we will have an opportunity as a group to think about the stories we have to share and whether that might grow into a talk at a conference one day.

We'll also be giving you news about our upcoming new speakers night later in the year. For anyone who hasn't spoken at an event before, this would be a fab opportunity to share your story in front of a friendly crowd.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Deliberate, Directed, Positive ACTION! - Peter Aitken

How can you include, welcome, provide support, safety and a confidence boost to people from underrepresented and marginalised groups that are absent from your community/workplace?

Deliberate, Directed, Positive ACTION!

This talk will chart the journey, and learnings, of Global Diversity CFP Day which has the sole aim of encouraging underrepresented and marginalised people to take to the conference stage.

Starting with half a dozen workshops in 2016 focussed on two conferences based in Edinburgh, Scotland, this exploded into a 53 workshop, tech wide, world wide movement on a single day in 2018!

Thanks to Swipii for hosting our July event. As always places are limited, so please only sign up if you are able to make it.

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