glasgowCoderCollective: Weekly meet

We're a bunch of people with an interest in coding, some just starting out, others working. Every week we meet and work away on tutorials and projects, having some fun while we're at it!.

There's no set task to do, just whatever you fancy working on. You just need a laptop, or just come along for random chat

to (Europe/London time)

Come code in a social setting!! Whether you've started on your first coding tutorial or are working in the industry, you don't have to code alone!

We meet up every week on a drop in basis, chat, work on tutorials, projects, generally try to help each other and have fun doing it!

So grab your laptop and/or just pop along to chat!

FYI Members rarely use the "sign up" feature for events, newbies are highly encouraged to post / message so that we can keep an eye out.
Also food & drink can be consumed, we aren't sponsored (yet!) so if you want to bring your dinner, please do! There are vending machines for drinks and sweets too