Lean Agile Glasgow - Agility Rules Workshop

This month Chris Preece, an independent Agile Coach currently working with our hosts for the month Register of Scotland, will run a workshop titled Agility Rules.


Agility Rules!
Rules are great. They can help bring order out of chaos, they establish standards, they can help people to work together effectively...

Rules are bad. They can make things chaotic, they're brittle, they can prevent people working together effectively...

Both of these can be true. So what can we do? We'll look at rules and then look at some things we can do to mould our environments around people, without being rigid or chaotic


Chris Preece
Chris is an Agile Coach working at Registers of Scotland. He's interested in augmenting the complexity of intra and inter team workings, with data aided decisions, particularly around emergent behaviours at scale. He's coached many teams in a wide variety of organisations for over 10 years

Registers of Scotland (RoS) is the government department responsible for keeping public registers of land, property, and other legal documents in Scotland.

There will be nibbles and soft drinks provided.

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