Amazon Web Services User Group Glasgow - Meet Up #23

Hello everyone,

Delighted to post the final agenda for the next AWS User Group Glasgow Meet Up on Wednesday 28th August 2019.

We will have two speakers on the night, please RSVP if you intend to come along to help make sure we have food and drinks for everyone.


18:15 – 18:45 : Door Opens, Food, Refreshments and Networking

18:45 – 19:30 : Michael Roddy, Skyscanner

“Michael” will share Skyscanner’s learnings on the hidden challenge of API Rate Limiting and the pain and problems it can cause.

Overview: In this talk, Michael discusses Skyscanner’s exploration of a poorly documented area of AWS – API Rate Limiting. An increasing problem for the company, it requires care to avoid and diagnose production incidents. Michael will talk about how diagnosing these issues happens at Skyscanner currently, and how it’s pushing them to a multi-account approach to AWS.

19:30 – 19:45 : Craig Muir, AWS User Group Glasgow

Group discussion on the upcoming AWS Glasgow User Group Certification approach workshop scheduled for October…

19:45 – 20:00 : Break

20:00 – 20:45 : Guy Templeton, Skyscanner

“Guy’ will share an overview of the challenges of running large workloads on AWS Spot instances, but also the benefits it can bring them.

Overview: In this talk, Guy will discuss Skyscanner's experiences of running Kubernetes production workloads on spot instances at scale. This has brought them savings of over 70% on compute cost whilst running more than 15,000 pods and serving more than 3 million requests per minute across multiple clusters. He will reveal the benefits this brings to the company, the challenges for cluster operators, and areas for improvement in how the Kubernetes ecosystem handles these challenges.

20:45 - 21:00 : AOB, Next Meet Up Agenda, Good Night, Pub.


Thanks to Skyscanner for letting us use their office, supplying refreshments and help on the night.

Thanks to CirrusHQ for feeding us on the night.

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