Docker Edinburgh: Docker Birthday #6: How do YOU #Docker?

THIS IS A FREE EVENT - PLEASE RSVP USING THIS LINK Join us for the Edinburgh edition of the Docker Bday #6 Show-and-Tell!
Docker is turning 6! Over the last 6 years, Docker Community members have found amazing and innovative ways of using Docker technology in a variety of different projects. This year, we’d like to celebrate you! If you’ve been working on a cool project using Docker technology, come and show your local community. If you’re new to Docker, come along to listen and learn. All attendees will receive a DockerCon discount code.After a short intro presentation, participants will each have 10-15 minutes of stage-time to show everyone how they have been using Docker (and perhaps get some feedback from others). The presentations do not need to be polished and they can be purely personal, fun projects. Presenters will get a Docker Birthday #6 t-shirt and have the opportunity to submit their Docker Birthday Show-and-Tell to the DockerCon Call For Papers.If you would like to show-and-tell please use the ‘contact us’ button to let us know! Please share an outline of your project and your t-shirt size. Let’s make this the world’s biggest and most fun show-and-tell! Let us know you’re coming by tweeting using the hashtag #DockerBdayWe'll also stop for cake at some point!


Using Docker to Deploy into Embedded Environments by Geoff BallingerIncluding Machines with Vision our work using Docker Swarm mode on the Network Rail New Measurement Train.-
Going Cloud Native at Metaswitch by Peter WhiteMetaswitch sells software to service providers, traditionally in the form of physical boxes with logos on the front going to telephone companies. Metaswitch is being dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world, delivering telco software as cloud native software for Kubernetes. Some of Metaswitch's customers love it, some hate it, and some don’t have any idea what we are talking about. Metaswitch's developers are about the same. So, what are Metaswitch doing, why, and what have we found?-
Docker and Kubernetes at arc-net by Kevin Crossarc-net ( is a relatively new company that runs on Kubernetes. Docker is used to develop, build, package and run arc-net services. Kevin will talk briefly about how they currently use Docker and the important role it plays in arc-net's delivery pipeline and operations. Kevin will then outline plans to improve our use of Docker using a mixture of old and new tools to further improve the delivery pipeline.-
Dockerprep by Michael Warr (ECS Digital)

`dockerprep` is a simple tool I use to bootstrap Docker projects. After a quick run through of why, where, and how, perhaps you’ll want to use it too.

6:00 PM: Doors Open: Check-In
6:30 PM: Introduction
6:45 PM: Show-and-Tell
7:15 PM: Discussion continues at an appropriate external venue...


Geoff Ballinger - (Head of Platform)

Peter White - Metaswitch (Senior Software Architect)

Kevin Cross - arc-net

Michael Warr - ECS Digital (DevOps Continuous Delivery Consultant)

Hosted By
Adrian Mouat, Chief Scientist
Working with containers since the early days. Wrote "Using Docker" published by O'Reilly. Regularly give talks and write blogs on everything Docker, Kubernetes and Microservices.

Mark Lehmann, DevOps


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