Lean Agile Edinburgh [DELETED]

This event has been deleted!

We are planning to do a Lean Coffee session but our organiser availability for this particular day is struggling (night before schools return). So, are there any willing volunteers who would be able to assist in facilitating a few lean coffee sessions? If so, please post here and depending on this turnout, we can make a decision on whether to go ahead.
It’s likely that the venue will be Spaces in Fountainbridge but I just need to confirm someone is available to close up at the end of the night.

For those unfamiliar with Lean Coffee, some more information on it here:
• Lean Coffee - a structured but agenda-less meeting, the participants decide what to discuss using leancoffee.org (leancoffee.org) format.

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More Information

Started in June 2013, Lean Agile Edinburgh is an informal and social monthly meetup to discuss and share all things agile, lean, kanban, scrum, etc. At most meetups we have talks, workshops/activities or Lean-Coffee discussion sessions.