thinkWhere: QGIS Advanced (Training)

This one day course explores advanced techniques and processes for analysing and interpreting spatial data in QGIS. The course is most suited to delegates who already have a good working understanding of QGIS, or have attended our QGIS Beginner course.

Module 1: Visualising Spatial Data
Terrain styling
Blending modes
Advanced draw effects
Labelling expressions
Point clusters
Geometry generators

Module 2: Raster Analysis
Terrain analysis
Raster calculator

Module 3: 3D Visualisation
Height extraction
3D views and settings
Importing 3D models

Module 4: Processing and Automation
Processing toolbox
Graphical processing modeller
Introduction to Python Console

Module 5: Reporting
Hierarchal map reports
Report components
Rule-based styling
Data-driven analysis

Module 6: Plugins
Data Plotly

CPD Points: 4

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