Edinburgh DevOps Meetup: EDinburgh Devops, Jun 13th

Doors open 6.15pm
First speaker 7.00pm
Short Break 7.50pm
Second speaker 8.00pm
Post event Drinks - Apothocary 9.00pm

# Talk 1 - 11 things we've learned running Kubernetes

A round-up of the top 11 (we intended 10...) things we learned running Kubernetes; including configuration, upgrade strategies, log and metric egress, resource limits, monitoring and of course ... backups!

Richard Omand-Good and Matt Hammond are DevOps engineers working in Platform Operations at Sky UK.

# Talk 2 - Skyscanner's Journey With Kubernetes: From Genesis Towards Utility

In this talk Guy will give an overview of why Skyscanner decided to adopt Kubernetes, the company's journey towards providing it as a utility to developers across Skyscanner and their learnings along the way. This will include hard earned learnings around the joys/pains (delete as appropriate) of upgrading clusters in place and reducing the blast radius of your changes as much as possible.

Guy Templeton is a software engineer within the Production Platform tribe at Skyscanner and part of the squad responsible for container based platforms including Skyscanner's Kubernetes clusters.

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