Edinburgh DevOps Meetup: Edinburgh Devops 4th April

# Schedule

Doors open 6.15pm
First speaker 7.00pm
Short Break 7.50pm
Second speaker 8.00pm
Post event Drinks - Apothocary 9.00pm

Please attempt to get to the venue before 7:00pm as there may be no one to let you in after that.

# Aled Sage : The Case Against Microservices

There are not enough talks out there about the downsides of microservices. Lots of people talk about how to do microservices right, some about the pitfalls and failures that we can learn from. But are microservices even the answer to your biggest painpoints, or will they inevitably increase the pain for you?

This presentation covers why many companies should not even try to do microservices: highlighting simpler ways to get the "benefits of microservices", the downsides of microservices, and the risks they introduce. Finally, it covers the scenarios in which microservices are a good fit.

Aled Sage is VP Engineering at Cloudsoft, and co-founder of Apache Brooklyn. He spends his time helping customers migrate, run and evolve their applications in AWS; and developing the backend automation and processes to do this efficiently and reliably. He also helps big enterprise with devops and automation, particularly for disaster recovery and cloud-native.

Aled has 20 years' experience developing and managing distributed applications, mostly in the enterprise sector. Particular areas of interest include cloud, automation, devops, docker, fault tolerance and concurrency.

# Michael Booth: Skyscanner's MShell - the microservices shell

Cloud native development is hard. Building for an environment which constantly changes while delivering high availability services is challenging.
At Skyscanner, MShell (microservice shell) was created as a collection of CLI tools, components, 3rd party libs, language frameworks and Docker images which together reduce the level of effort required to implement, deploy and operate these kinds of services at scale in AWS.

In this talk we will cover how MShell standardisation has enabled engineers to go from new file to deployed service in minutes as well as diving into the common feature sets required to run cloud native microservices at scale.

Michael Booth is a Senior Engineer who has been working at Skyscanner for the last 8 years based in Edinburgh. During that time, he has worked in various areas of Skyscanner Engineering with most recent work being in the Developer Enablement Tribe building out tools and standards for cloud native development within Skyscanner.

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