Glasgow Makers and Hardware Hackers: M5Stack Workshop

M5Stack Workshop presented by Glasgow Makers and Hardware Hackers

M5stack ( is a modular programmable prototyping device which has the ESP32 at its core. M5stack can be programmed with the arduino IDE, esp-idf, micropython and more. In this workshop we will be focusing on using block programming to control the light, sound, images on the screen, sensors etc. To take part, the only thing you need to bring along is a laptop.

This workshop is suited for anyone, even those who are taking their first steps in coding, and maybe are put off by thinking they have to learn lots of typed commands to do even the most basic of things. The Uiflow interface for M5stack ( is designed to lower the creative barrier so that anyone without prior knowledge can get setup making their first IoT application in minutes.

This workshop is free but there are limited spaces so please sign up for a place here:

If there are no tickets left please add your name to the waiting list and if there is enough demand we will put on an extra workshop.

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