Open Rights Group Cambridge: Trust and Technology Initiative, lunchtime talk: Dr Amanda Prorok

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The University of Cambridge's Trust & Technology Initiative is continuing their series of informal lunchtime talks featuring speakers from a range of disciplines and backgrounds talking about their work in the context of trust and technology.

Dr Amanda Prorok (Computer Laboratory):

When Robots Hit the Road: New Challenges in Multi-Vehicle Coordination

The practical realization of multi-robot systems includes two important domains that are signaling strong growth: transport (e.g., multi-vehicle ride-sharing, automated truck platoons) and logistic operations (e.g., warehouse robots, automated pickup and delivery). The commonality of these two application domains is that they require solutions to core problems such as task assignment, path planning, and formation control. In this talk, I shed some light on new challenges in these areas, and present insights that pertain to resilience and privacy.

Location: Cambridge Brew House (Tank Room)

All events in the lunchtime talk series are open to the public. Registration is not required.

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