MVP Live: build your digital product faster, leaner and better

Who is this for?

This event is free to attend for startups, entrepreneurs and anyone else interested in why building a Minumum Viable Product can be such a successful route when building a digital product. The idea behind an MVP is to prove your concept with an initial version of your product which has enough features to satisfy early adopters.

What is the format?

We will begin the event with an informal networking session, followed by a short introduction from Bad Dinosaur. This will be followed by a series of short talks from entrepreneurs and startups who have gone through the MVP process and a chance for some Q&A. Afterwards will be a second chance for networking.

Bad Dinosaur is a software development company based in Edinburgh. Our mission is to provide a complete service for anyone who wants to build a digital product, taking you from an idea in your head to your first paying customers and beyond.

Code of Conduct:
There is no alcohol allowed in the venue.

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