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PHP Cambridge: Headless CMS, PWA and PHP: building efficient front-end sites

The idea of the Headless CMS is becoming more and more popular in the industry and is widely seen as the next step for content management. Using the CMS as pure content management and whatever tool you want to build the front-end can give lots of flexibility and also comes with a host of advantages (and its own problems).

But why does everyone talk about JavaScript and Single Page Apps whenever Headless CMS is mentioned? What is the JAM stack? How does Progressive Web Apps fit into all this and why is JavaScript not always the answer when you're serving content to your users?

In this talk I'll cover what a Headless CMS is and why it's useful for both clients and developers, our experience at Studio 24 of using WordPress and Drupal as a Headless CMS and how we tackled building a progressive front-end to a Headless CMS in PHP and Symfony.


We're meeting at 6:45pm for a 7:15pm start. Pizzas and drinks provided by local digital design and technology agency Studio 24.

Please note, although PHP Cambridge will make every endeavour to inform you prior to attending, there is a small chance that you may be photographed or filmed by staff of the Bradfield Centre. If this is the case then these images would likely be (but not limited to) used for online publicity, social media or press releases. By attending this meetup you will be granting full rights for the Bradfield Centre to use any images or videos to help achieve The Bradfield Centre's aims.

Note: There is ample parking available at the centre for those that drive.

If you do have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact one of the hosts through the Meetup site.

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