Agile Sheffield: Rediscovering agile

Join agile Sheffield and the South Yorkshire branch of the British Computing Society (BCS) for an evening of learning and discovery as Tobias Mayer guides you through conversations and activities to increase your understanding of what it means to be agile.

It won’t be an evening of listening and watching. You’ll be encouraged to think out loud, move around and take part in pair dialog and group conversation. Whether you're new to the Agile Manifesto or have years of experience - the evening promises to provide opportunity for you to rediscover how it’s values and principles could guide your work and life.

• Open at 18.15 with refreshments (Due to the size of the waiting list we have extended the number of people who can attend. Please note that this means there will probably be more people than refreshments).

• Activities start at 18.30

• Finish at 20.15

About Tobias Mayer
Tobias has thirty years experience in the fields of group facilitation, social service, theatre, design, software development, theology, organisational restructuring and individual counselling. He is an experienced Scrum practitioner, author of The People's Scrum and founder/host of the London ScrumMaster Clinics.

Thank you to the South Yorkshire branch of BCS for sponsoring the event.
An equal number of spaces has been allocated between agile Sheffield and BCS.

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