React Edinburgh - April 2019

This is going to be an amazing event! We have a very special guest - Lorenzo Sciandra - @Kelset. For those of you who don't know, Lorenzo is a core contributor to React Native project.


• 6:00pm - 7:00pm: Pizza, beer and networking

• 7:00pm - 7:15pm: CSS modules in a growing project by James Rhead

• 7:15pm - 7:45pm: WebGL && three.js (&& React) by Alec McEachran

• 7:45pm - 8:00pm: Short break

• 8:00pm - 9:00pm: React Native: the past, the present and the future by Lorenzo Sciandra.

• Drinks - Yes!

Venue security
All attendees need to provide their full names in advance. Also, you will need to bring some form of photo ID to show on the day - something like a passport, driving licence, or work ID would be grand.

The event will be recorded. Let the organisers know, if you don't want to be included in the pictures or videos. Some of them will be used on our social media channels.


Lloyds Bank



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The Talks

---> Talk 1: CSS modules in a growing project

How CSS modules can help in a growing project and in a growing team.

James Rhead is a Front end developer with Ajenta.

---> Talk 2: WebGL && three.js (&& React)

The web of the future will be as glossy as today's TV and video games, delivered to high definition screens. WebGL is web-standard, low-level API that unlocks the ability to integrate rich, game-quality graphics into your web pages, by passing instructions directly to computers’ GPUs. The nature of the GPU is significantly different to the nature of the CPU, and so the technologies that build upon it are different also. As React reduces the complexity of working with the DOM, three.js reduces the complexity of working with WebGL. React wrappers for three.js and other WebGL libraries exist. However, whatever tech you choose, you can only go so far before you have to start working with the WebGL API directly.

Alec started coding on his big brother's Spectrum 48k in the 80s. He worked as a secondary Maths teacher, an educational games developer, agency website developer, social games developer, and eventually became a Senior Software Engineer at YouTube and Google. He is now Principal Developer at KPV LAB, Edinburgh.

---> Talk 3: React Native: the past, the present and the future

As we approach React Native's 4th birthday, we've observed more progression than ever before towards the vision of a cross-platform mobile solution. Even still, we have yet to realise its core mission of being as powerful as pure native. There have been many challenges that we've faced head on as they've surfaced. In overcoming them with the support of the community, we've managed to establish React Native as a force that is now defining the future of the segment.

In this talk, we'll explore this history-in-the-making before diving deeper into more technical subjects including the JSI & JSC upgrade, TurboModules & Fabric, and the CodeGen. With all the pieces of the puzzle in place and landing on master in upcoming months, we are closer to reaching our original objective than ever before - while pushing the limits to a whole new level.

Lorenzo decided to use React Native for a project a few years ago. He hasn't stopped since - which allowed him to become a Software Engineer for Formidable and to help out the Facebook team in maintaining React Native itself and the React Native Community.

When he's not tweeting, he's busy thinking about his next tweet.


If you have enquiries or would like to get in touch, send us a message on Meetup directly.


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