EdLambda: Divide, conquer, choose, ap and alt... et Emper

Title: Divide, conquer, choose, ap and alt... et Empera

Speaker: Sam Halliday

When/where: Thursday 15th November, 7pm, St Andrews Brewing Co. Outhouse (The Outhouse pub) Edinburgh.


Automatically derive functionality (i.e. typeclasses) for domain objects (i.e. data types) with a novel approach based on the Haskell typeclassopedia. This talk uses Scalaz, is suitable for any lambda inclined developer, and has potential applications to other FP languages. It is an excerpt from leanpub.com

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Attending: 1 person.

About EdLambda

EdLambda is an Edinburgh group for people interested in functional programming which has been running since September 2010. We meet in the Outhouse pub on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 7pm. There is usually a talk on a subject of interest to functional programmers, followed by chat and drink! EdLambda meetups are free events and everyone is welcome.

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