Edinburgh UX meetup - short talks

Welcome to our short talks series, hosted at CodeBase. Here you'll find professionals across the UX spectrum talking about the topics that are of particular interest to them.

Talk 1: Hi, I don't know too many people here, so I wanted to introduce myself.
Greg Kozakiewicz (UX Designer at Lloyds Banking Group) will give a short introduction and chat about placement of the UX role within a development workflow.

Talk 2: The power of simple
Sam (Head of Product Development at Nucleus) will talk about why UX design is often about reducing things to their most simple and basic elements, to increase cognition and aid understanding

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More Information

Edinburgh UX meetup invites UX people of all flavours to a monthly meeting of minds – a place to share ideas and indulge in idle banter. Whether you be designer, developer, guerrilla, enthusiast or just passing by, come join us on the last Monday of the month.