edPUG - Edinburgh PHP User Group: Electrify your evening with Lightning Talks


18:30 - 19:00 - Sign in, networking, drinks and food!

19:00 - Close - Lighting Talks and chat

We started this year with a Lighting Talk session, and with the year coming to an end, we thought we'd give you an opportunity to electrify your evening and talk about things you've learned since then in a friendly supportive environment.
You don't need to do a talk, feel free to come and watch too!

A lightning talk is just a short (5-10 minute) talk. It doesn't need to be polished, well rehearsed or fancy in any way. You can make it up on the spot if you like! Just to make sure we can get through everyone on the night, we will have a hard time limit of 15 minutes.

It can be about anything you like, here are some ideas but you are not limited to these at all! - A problem you recently solved at work, a library / framework or tool you've recently discovered, talks of interest at a conference you attended, something new you've just learned, a website you've recently launched, something that annoys you, something you love, a cool feature you've developed, a new solution to an old problem, something that's inspired you from another language or framework, something you want to learn more about.

Slides are not required at all, but you may wish to have one or more slides (the less slides the better).

If you have slides, have them on the Internet (ideally Google Slides) as there will be a single laptop connected to the TV for you to give your talk.

We have no idea how many of you will do a talk, so expect anything, but remember, we are our own audience and want each other to succeed!

Following the lighting talks we'll have a chat about all the things we heard, then head to a local pub for further discussions.

Postcode Lottery are kindly sponsoring the event and are providing drinks and snacks.

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Meets every 3rd Tuesday of the month for small talks, watching talks/slideshows and discussing.

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