Open Rights Group Edinburgh: Biometrics in Scotland: Is improving oversight enough?

Police Scotland holds 1,000,000+ photographs.

Many of these records are of innocent people. Something needs to change.

Police Scotland also hold 300,000 DNA profiles and 400,000 fingerprint records.

The Scottish Government has proposed a Biometric Data Bill that would enhance oversight of biometric data in Scotland.

Join Open Rights Group for a discussion on enhanced oversight of biometrics in Scotland.

Do the proposals go far enough?

Will the public have more power over the use of their biometric data?

What should the public look out for in the proposals and how can they support enhanced oversight?

We will be joined by John Scott QC, author of the Independent Advisory Group report on the use of biometrics in Scotland. John will discuss what he has learned as a result of the report, his attitude towards biometrics in the criminal justice space, and what the future may hold.

All are welcome, you don't need to be an expert in computer science (or forensic science!). You just need to care about the effect technology has on your human rights.

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