First meetup of SheffTechLeadership, come and say hi

Casual meetup to discuss challenges faced by architects, CTOs, TPMs, and other folks in tech leadership positions

This is the first meetup so it will (maybe) look a little bit like this:

• Introductions - find out who else is out there and what they get up to!
• Identifying some topics/interests for future meetups
• Picking a specific focus/plan for meetup #2
• Tea and chat, get to know everybody!

Come along and say hi... or I'll be sitting there on my own and will probably drink FAR TOO MUCH TEA

Code of Conduct:
SheffTechLeadership is committed to providing a harassment-free meetup experience for everyone regardless of minority status. We do not tolerate harassment in any form. Participants violating these rules may be asked to leave.

to (Europe/London time)

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Attending: 1 person.

SheffTechLeadership aims to build an inclusive, welcoming, collaborative community where people from all backgrounds can come together to focus on leadership skills