PHP Cambridge: ATK Data/UI Workshop

This next meetup we will have a workshop with Romans Malinovskis, he will present some alternative ways to build Admin systems for your website, application or back-office.

Romans is the author of several open-source libraries ATK Data, ATK UI.

ATK Data is similar to ORM, but is optimized for high-latency databases (Cloud SQL). It is database-agnostic but fully supports multi-record operations in SQL (aggregation, update etc)

ATK UI is an object-oriented web user interface in PHP. With a similar architecture to Desktop/Mobile GUI it enables you to create complex and interactive web apps without direct use of HTML/JS/CSS.

The workshop will focus on creating an Inventory system - tracking purchase and sales orders and displaying alerts when inventory is low.

You can learn how to implement:

- Basic CRUD pages
- User Authentication
- Menu navigation

(after q/a and break)

- References
- Aggregation
- Expressions


To get the most out of the workshop, bring your laptop and follow by creating your own admin!


We are please to welcome you to join us at The Bradfield Centre! We have secured this venue for the foreseeable future, so remember to put PHPCambridge in your calendar for the 2nd Wednesday of every month!

Pizza and drinks provided courtesy of Studio 24 - your digital agency.

Please note, although PHP Cambridge will make every endeavour to inform you prior to attending, there is a small chance that you may be photographed or filmed by staff of the Bradfield Centre. If this is the case then these images would likely be (but not limited to) used for online publicity, social media or press releases. By attending this meetup you will be granting full rights for the Bradfield Centre to use any images or videos to help achieve The Bradfield Centre's aims.

Note: There is ample parking available at the centre for those that drive.

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