PHP Cambridge: Group Discussion: Exploring Deployment Processes in web projects (rescheduled)

Please note: Because of the world cup football, this is the rescheduled meetup. Normally our meetups are the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Ruth Ivimey-Cook will lead a short talk examining some of the many ways that web projects are deployed to production servers and her experiences of doing so, to set the scene for a group discussion. We want to explore both good and bad deployment experiences and processes (not only those mentioned) to produce what we think of as best practice. Ruth will post a summary of the main points after the event.

We welcome notes about less usual deployment methods for inclusion in the introductory talk. Please pass on details in a few short paragraphs to the organisers (John, Simon or Jo) by 6th July.


Ruth is an experienced senior software engineer and Drupal webdev, currently working for CPL's digital team as a full stack developer. She has been part of the Drupal community since 2011 and has worked with PHP since 1999. She has hosted her own internet mail and web servers before even that! Before getting into Drupal, she has worked for ARM on debugger development, for Global Graphics on large format printer drivers, and at Insignia on CPU emulators


Please join us at our new venue - The Bradfield Centre! We have secured this venue for the foreseeable future, so remember to put PHPCambridge in your calendar for the 2nd Wednesday of every month!

Pizza (inc. a gluten free option) and drinks provided courtesy of Studio 24 - your digital agency

If you've never been to PHP Cambridge before then come along and give it a try! We're a friendly bunch and there's always a lot of interesting things to be discovered!


Please note, although PHP Cambridge will make every endeavour to inform you prior to attending, there is a small chance that you may be photographed or filmed by staff of the Bradfield Centre. If this is the case then these images would likely be (but not limited to) used for online publicity, social media or press releases. By attending this meetup you will be granting full rights for the Bradfield Centre to use any images or videos to help achieve The Bradfield Centre's aims.

Note: There is ample parking available at the centre for those that drive.

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