Mode 2 Meetup #11

We're excited to announce Mode 2 Meetup episode 11, sponsored by Standard Life!

Mode 2 is a regular meetup about IT innovation within large companies across central Scotland.

Each meetup will feature two short talks and a chance to connect with IT innovators in a relaxed environment with free beer/wine and pizza. The talks for this meetup are.

1: Blake Wellman, Digital Strategy Senior Consultant, Monitor Deloitte

Blake Wellman has worked with Deloitte for 5 years, two in Canada and three in London. Prior to Deloitte, he worked in investment banking helping get access to capital for new Ventures and unproven businesses. He is now one of the leaders on Deloitte’s global Venture Path team, which focuses on helping large corporates build and test new ventures, and improving operating models to create more sustainable environments for innovation. In the last few years at Deloitte he has helped build innovation functions for a range of businesses in different sectors, and has launched over 10 new corporate ventures to market.

"Successful Lean Startup Innovation for Large Companies"

Blake’s talk will cover the challenges many large corporates face when trying to apply Lean Startup to new proposition development. He will also talk about the lifecycle of a new business idea in a corporate context, drawing on his experience of watching ideas succeed and fail in large companies to facilitate a discussion around how companies can create better environments to foster sustainable innovation.

2: Matt Wynne, Founder & CEO, Cucumber Ltd.

Matt is one of the world's leading BDD practitioners. A programmer, coach, trainer, and popular international speaker, he was as invited to join the Cucumber core team in 2009. Together with Aslak Hellesøy, he's co-author of The Cucumber Book, Behaviour-Driven Development for Developers and Testers and a co-founder of Cucumber Ltd, the company behind Cucumber.

"Why BDD can save agile"

Matt is frequently asked to consult with organisations who want to introduce Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD). Time after time, he meets teams who are trapped doing half-arsed agile. They do the easy, obvious, visible agile practices, and none of the powerful, hard-to-master, hard-to-see ones.

When these teams ask for help learning BDD, we get a chance to remind them how important conversations and collaboration are in software development. We teach them to write tests before they write code, as a way to explore and discover the hidden details of a requirement just before they dive in and start building it. This talk will make you wince with recognition, laugh with despair, and inspire you with stories of teams that have finally, after years of flaccid scrumming, discovered the true collaborative heart of agile software development. You’ll see patterns you recognise from your own teams, and gain insights about how to fix them.

Hope to see you there!

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