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Summer has arrived. The sun is out reasonably often, average temperatures have reached the heady mid-teens, and the cranes are out at Edinburgh castle, building the scaffolding for August and the Tattoo. In British Ruby-land, one of the most important things happening is Brighton Ruby, which takes place in just under a month.

Here in Edinburgh, we’ve got a talk for this month’s meetup. Dave Evans, currently of FreeAgent, is a data scientist and ex particle physicist. He’s coming to talk to us on “The Cargo Cult of the South Seas”. Here’s a taster:

Some of the behaviours that have been observed when less developed societies come into contact with modern industrial technology bear a striking similarity with how science is used and abused in every day life. In this talk I'll revisit the analogy first made by Richard Feynman, and discuss how it permeates everything from project management to software development.

We’ll supply some snacks to help get your hunger through to dinner, probably with some seasonal berries. CodeBase has water available from their kitchen. We’re a friendly group of people, and you’re welcome along whether it’s your first time or one time of many. We look forward to seeing you there!

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