Ministry of Testing Edinburgh: What is a "Full Stack Tester"

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This month’s talk comes from Kyle McEvoy, Director of QA at FanDuel. Kyle is going to explore what a Full Stack Tester means to him.

Synopsis below
You may have heard of the term full-stack developer but have you come across the term full-stack tester?

As a tester, in an organization that provides software as a service, you probably find yourself testing your product features solely via desktop, web or mobile clients. In a lot of circumstances, this is a sound approach but could your team benefit from you being able to test the underlying systems that serve the data to your clients too?

As test leader or community in your organization, what benefits would cultivating such a shift in skillset of your testers bring to your teams and how might this be done and what challenges might you face?

In this talk, Kyle will provide an interpretation of what a full-stack tester is, how this aspect of the software testing role at FanDuel came to be and the benefits it has brought.

This is also a story of challenges faced in helping our testers in becoming “full-stack” and how we overcame them to bring about a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency across our product development teams particularly in such a fast growing organisation and market.”

Thank you in advance to our hosts Royal London at their premises on Thistle Street (St Andrew Square side).
Refreshments will be provided by Ministry of Testing!

Plan of Attack!
• 18:00 - Doors open, Pizza and Drinks
• 18:45 - Welcome and quick introductions
• 19:00 – Full Stack Tester
• 19:30 - Break
• 19:45 – Test Team Roulette: Choose your ideal candidate
• 20:30 - Socialising at a local watering hole

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The venue is just off St. Andrew Square, on the corner of Thistle street and North St David Street.

Thistle Street (On Corner of North St. David Street)