Lean Agile Edinburgh - Manifesto Variations 2

Lightning Talks and Lean Coffee

Theme: Agile Manifesto Variations and other topics.

Back in June a group of LAE Agilists met to disucss variations to the agile manifesto based on their present values and experiences. In this session, we’ll recap the output from those sessions in a short lightning talk followed by lean coffee discussion. Pizza and refreshments will be provided by Skyscanner.

Read the output and original session brief below.

-Output from original session-

-Original Session Info-
The Agile Software Manifesto is 17 years old. The world is always moving on and we know a lot more now than when it was written. This facilitated workshop will provide a playful opportunity to explore how participants do Agile now, what they value, gaps between actual practice and 'manifestos', and to build your own manifesto.

New to Agile? You could help spot and record patterns and differences…

We will produce summaries of what Edinburgh Agilists want to put into practice, and there will be an opportunity to form an inquiry/learning group into practice and bring back findings to a future Meetup.

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More Information

Started in June 2013, Lean Agile Edinburgh is an informal and social monthly meetup to discuss and share all things agile, lean, kanban, scrum, etc. At most meetups we have talks, workshops/activities or Lean-Coffee discussion sessions.